Breaking up blows

ATM, I’m heartbroken. (At the moment Clem, not Ass to Mouth!) It ended fucking horrifically. We were in some bullshit non relationship, that meant we spoke everyday, I would stay at his house a couple of nights a week, etc. Anyway, this is all about my top tips of how to handle a break up, fuck people that say this isn’t as bad of a break up, things ended and we no longer see each other, that’s a break up to me. Sure they might be things that I wish I had done.

  1. Save whatever self respect you have and stop messaging them. (I did this, after two days of abusive messages to him. Maybe I did tell him that I poured strawberry Big M over his car and that I was going to ruin his life. Okay that definitely happened. Maybe it backfired because he knows me that well that he knew that I wouldn’t.) As we have tried the whole I’m not coming back this time before, he knew it was over when he brought up facebook and I had said that I had already deleted him. That’s when it really sunk in for him. I don’t even want to write this, but I totally sent him lyrics to a song that we both liked. My advice, don’t do that, it’s lame. Write down your lame thoughts, it will give you something to laugh about when you feel better.
  2. As soon as it happens, watch stand up specials, all day if needed. I did this, it was amazing. I also recommend to watch your favourite romantic comedies like Fatal Attraction and Gone Girl, just to remember how great it feels to be a powerful woman.


3. Don’t cancel shit to wallow. If you already had plans and work, go. It will get your mind off the shityness you feel. Probably best to avoid talking about it and getting white girl wasted if the night isn’t about you though. You don’t want to feel worse.

4.Allow yourself time to grieve. This is shitty. It fucking sucks. But you know what sucks more? Being with someone when things aren’t working. I’m three weeks in and I’ve got thousands of screenshots to send him of funny things that I have come across but I’m not going to…

5. Get a cat.

6.Eat pizza and then go to the gym. My favourite part about going to the gym once, is the fantasy that comes with it. Next time he sees me I will be in the best shape of my life and he will regret ever fucking me over. However, I will probably be have a stained shirt on with my hair up, glasses on (recently realised that I am more blind than I thought) and look utter ridiculous while he is knee deep in vagina. Probably has 3 girls on his arm and they all laugh when they see me.

7.Talk to other boys.

8. Listen to love songs…Then listen to angry songs…Then listen to Fonsay Beyonce.

9.Delete the messages, phone number, etc. I have not done this, because of my current excellent self control and because I am a digital hoarder. I still have text messages from wrong numbers dated back to 2010. This is mos def going to bite me in the ass *rolls eyes*

10.Do something nice for yourself. And most of all, be kind to yourself.



I hope this post has provided a laugh about such a shitty time. I really wish that I had done the Big M thing, so if you are still feeling bad…go and egg his house.

To the boy this is about,

If you are checking in, I miss you, even though I shouldn’t. I miss you screwing up my face like Adam Sandler does to that kid in Billy Madison. I miss you putting me in quiet time when I won’t stop talking. And I miss you always being worried about if I am comfortable. But I don’t miss all the bullshit you put me through.


Please comment below on what steps I may have missed :p











I’m officially a bad person

You would think I would be out of stories by now. That is not the case…at all. I think it was last year, I met this guy on good ol’ Tinder. He was half Mauritian, half Aussie. Nice chocolate skin. Majority of pics were good. He had buff arms, looked like he dressed well, one pic was of chop sticks as seal tusks (okay, I can look past that, as I love a good face in the hole.) Anyway, I liked what I saw. He would write me essays, so that is what my girlfriends and I called him.

Essay decided to take me out for breakfast at a trendy Cafe on a weekday. I was running late and he got there early so he could get the perfect seat next to the window. I was so late, therefore flustered and off my A game. But, he was lovely. He was wearing a nice shirt and had gone to a lot of effort. He was fascinating. He had just moved back from New York after spending a year there for work, he was living with his parents because he was waiting for the tenants in his place to move out, was planning on buying a holiday house, had also spent time in Antarctica, liked watching the footy and rock climbing. Basically he was kicking the shit out of life, even told me about meeting Ryan Gosling and him being the nicest guy, even though he had no idea who he was. As we were talking, there was something off about him, but I couldn’t place it. He excused himself and went to the bathroom but I didn’t realise that he had paid for breakfast on the way back. Nice touch, I thought. I thought the date would be over but took me to another cafe for more coffee and cake and then we went for a walk. I knew I wasn’t that keen, but I thought, fuck it, give this guy a chance. He held my hand when we walked (gross) that sounds so mean, but I barely know you. What about if I saw someone I knew? What would I say? Anyway, we held hands. He took me to a park and we made out. He was fully into it, I was racking my brain as to what was bothering me about him. It was like the middle of the day on a Monday, that’s how inappropriate I feel this make out session was. Totally not my scene, but I obliged*. He walked me back to my shitty car and we called it a day.

Okay, so we are half way through this story. I know I am completely fucked up. Girls would kill for this put together dude. Nice, stable, easy going, up for anything, smart, etc. Think of the Sex and the City Episode, where Carrie says that she was trying a guy on to see if he fit, not really your taste but you will give it a go. A nice, vanilla life. Mos def not my cup of tea. 

So we kept on speaking and he wanted to surprise me at home one morning by bringing me pastries for breakfast. This guy was good. I had to see if this was going to go anywhere even though I clearly wasn’t feeling it. I had also realised why I wasn’t into it. Some of his facial expressions reminded me of a guy I went to school with. I know what you are thinking, no big deal, now you are just nit picking. Actual the guy that he reminded me of was autistic, (not that there is anything wrong with that.) But I could not be with a guy that reminded me of a guy I went all through school with and had a lot of really strange memories of. I can’t blame this guy for that, so I said that he could come over for breakfast. We ended up having more than breakfast, it was a three course breakfast. He was hooked. The breakfast wasn’t bad at all. Wasn’t boring like Al-Bran and he was hoping that I was satisfied like at a Continental Breakfast at a hotel. But I could not get the similarity out of my head. So thanks for the pastries but I guess I am getting back with my ex (my favourite excuse to stop seeing anyone.) He suggested that we could continue seeing each other without my ‘boyfriend’ knowing. I said I didn’t think so. A few months later when I went back on Tinder, I received more messages asking if I was single and wanted to hook up. I felt like he thought I was Mia Khalifa, everybody’s favourite porn star or maybe I just wish that.

*I feel like ‘I obliged’ would be the name of my autobiography. Not just in relation to sex but in regards to my whole life.





A few days ago, I saw Shorty. Enough said. Actually it was one of the funniest things I have ever experienced. He accidentally did a back flip off the bed, the cat wouldn’t stop licking him and my housemate was pacing up and down the entire time. Sure it wasn’t the stuff of true romance but I do enjoy a good belly laugh.


Join me next year, because I can pretty much guarantee that I will still be single and I will try again to have a month without sex…

Some-Men-Bro: Day whatever

I like that I am still keeping what I like to now call Some-Men-Bro, because really it’s clear that I have fucked it. Anyway I’ve only got a few more days until it’s all over. Oneeeeee more weekend…I mean it’s fine, I can resist the D, (oh wait, I couldn’t.) I mean this isn’t the longest I have gone without it. But I am single and if the opportunity does come up with someone that I desire,  I am not going say that I am waiting for my husband. I just don’t like restrictions.


My super hot dreams and listening to dancing to Salt’n’Pepper while I get dressed is not helping. Didn’t see shorty last night, because I ended up having to work. I so would have made out with him, so it’s for the best. Maybe I should ditch my date with Shorty and troll for a black dude this weekend…

Some-Men-Bro: Day 23

Okay so here we are at nearly the end of day 23. I have something to admit, I am back on the soft drinks…I had a really bad bug on Tuesday last week and I crumbled and had to self soathe with lemonade. I was throwing up like the girl in the Exorcist and really was pretty fucking foul. But I didn’t eat for nearly three days so it turned out to be a pretty sweet way to diet.

That wasn’t the only thing that I couldn’t keep out of my mouth 😦 I had to go over to my fuck buddies house to drop something off. I wasn’t even wearing anything cute. Went over, talked some shit, stayed at least a metre away from him. Then he started with me, come here, etc. I resisted. He stopped for a bit. Started again. I resisted again. Then he started kissing me on the neck and I fully melted in his hands…Damn him!!! I was going soooo well!!! We didn’t go all the way, but I figure at this age, it doesn’t matter…I fucked up No-Men-Bro and now I’ve cracked it and not speaking to him again, for the 182882384893829284838282 time this month. I lasted a whole 16 days without the D and that is pretty much because I didn’t see him for those days!



Oh well, now I have a date tomorrow and another one on the 1st with the same guy…and I’m going to bring it and give that mother fucker blue balls, so he loses his shit…Is it next Tuesday already?

NO-MEN-BRO: Day 15


Well people, I am half way there! You better not be reading thinking, its been two weeks dude. I know its only been two weeks, but fuck, I’m a single woman in 2015, I should be getting my fuck on and reporting back to you. I have been thinking about filters and more importantly my lack of a filter. Maybe I will become that weird middle aged lady :/ I just text someone “can we go out one night and pretend we don’t know each other and meet again?” So far, has not got back to me…he’s at work, but I am guessing that he looked at the message and didn’t know what to say or just couldn’t be bothered writing back. Either way, it would have been weird, cute and funny in the honeymoon period and now he probably just thinks it weird, three years in.* That kind of annoys me, but not enough for me to write up a follow up message.

I think I just need to get laid…or make a cheese toastie…

*Will report tomorrow his response

Day: 937573975

Okay, so some things have come up recently. In the last few days, there have been a couple of fevers, lots of alcohol, medication, food (some of it good, some not so good), assignments that I should be doing, lots of youtube, lots of sleep at time and then no sleep for a long time at other times, lots of laughs, loads of tears, a death in my family, some flirting, a bit of driving, a lot of missing my cat, some reading to dull my senses about playboy bunnies, a new doctor that is hilarious and blew my mind, lots of sinus pain, some pondering.

That basically brings you up to speed.

On Saturday, I had another night out with my friend (fuck this, I have to name him) lets call himmmm….Stevie. So I left Clem at home studying while I went to meet Stevie for a quiet drink with another of his mate’s. I don’t love this mate, actually he pissed off my balcony later in the night and I fully cracked it. I mean, I pretty easy going, but don’t be a dick. Anyway so more time with Stevie, doing the ‘friends’ thing. It is actually working. We had a nice conversation in the kitchen, but I didn’t realise how long we were taking and the idiot mate was pissing off Clem to the extreme. He slept on my couch and I slept with Clem, who I call ‘the rock’ because she doesn’t move and it’s like I am sleeping with a heap of books down one side…which I love!!

Flash forward to a couple of days later and I start talking to shorty, another guy that I have written about before. He is saying it is about time for another dateeee, so I now I have a date for December 1st. Drinks and dinner…I told him that I am partaking in a hippy bet where there are no boys allowed. He bought it and wants me to lose. I ain’t losing…He wants to catch up next week. The challenge will be to put up with him trying to make me crack. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Kind of broke the soft drink rule yesterday and had some ginger ale with a shit load of rum. I needed it. I wish I was a mother fucking pirate