Some-Men-Bro: Day whatever

I like that I am still keeping what I like to now call Some-Men-Bro, because really it’s clear that I have fucked it. Anyway I’ve only got a few more days until it’s all over. Oneeeeee more weekend…I mean it’s fine, I can resist the D, (oh wait, I couldn’t.) I mean this isn’t the longest I have gone without it. But I am single and if the opportunity does come up with someone that I desire, Β I am not going say that I am waiting for my husband. I just don’t like restrictions.


My super hot dreams and listening to dancing to Salt’n’Pepper while I get dressed is not helping. Didn’t see shorty last night, because I ended up having to work. I so would have made out with him, so it’s for the best. Maybe I should ditch my date with Shorty and troll for a black dude this weekend…


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