Some-Men-Bro: Day 23

Okay so here we are at nearly the end of day 23. I have something to admit, I am back on the soft drinks…I had a really bad bug on Tuesday last week and I crumbled and had to self soathe with lemonade. I was throwing up like the girl in the Exorcist and really was pretty fucking foul. But I didn’t eat for nearly three days so it turned out to be a pretty sweet way to diet.

That wasn’t the only thing that I couldn’t keep out of my mouth 😦 I had to go over to my fuck buddies house to drop something off. I wasn’t even wearing anything cute. Went over, talked some shit, stayed at least a metre away from him. Then he started with me, come here, etc. I resisted. He stopped for a bit. Started again. I resisted again. Then he started kissing me on the neck and I fully melted in his hands…Damn him!!! I was going soooo well!!! We didn’t go all the way, but I figure at this age, it doesn’t matter…I fucked up No-Men-Bro and now I’ve cracked it and not speaking to him again, for the 182882384893829284838282 time this month. I lasted a whole 16 days without the D and that is pretty much because I didn’t see him for those days!



Oh well, now I have a date tomorrow and another one on the 1st with the same guy…and I’m going to bring it and give that mother fucker blue balls, so he loses his shit…Is it next Tuesday already?


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