NO-MEN-BRO: Day 15


Well people, I am half way there! You better not be reading thinking, its been two weeks dude. I know its only been two weeks, but fuck, I’m a single woman in 2015, I should be getting my fuck on and reporting back to you. I have been thinking about filters and more importantly my lack of a filter. Maybe I will become that weird middle aged lady :/ I just text someone “can we go out one night and pretend we don’t know each other and meet again?” So far, has not got back to me…he’s at work, but I am guessing that he looked at the message and didn’t know what to say or just couldn’t be bothered writing back. Either way, it would have been weird, cute and funny in the honeymoon period and now he probably just thinks it weird, three years in.* That kind of annoys me, but not enough for me to write up a follow up message.

I think I just need to get laid…or make a cheese toastie…

*Will report tomorrow his response


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