Day: 937573975

Okay, so some things have come up recently. In the last few days, there have been a couple of fevers, lots of alcohol, medication, food (some of it good, some not so good), assignments that I should be doing, lots of youtube, lots of sleep at time and then no sleep for a long time at other times, lots of laughs, loads of tears, a death in my family, some flirting, a bit of driving, a lot of missing my cat, some reading to dull my senses about playboy bunnies, a new doctor that is hilarious and blew my mind, lots of sinus pain, some pondering.

That basically brings you up to speed.

On Saturday, I had another night out with my friend (fuck this, I have to name him) lets call himmmm….Stevie. So I left Clem at home studying while I went to meet Stevie for a quiet drink with another of his mate’s. I don’t love this mate, actually he pissed off my balcony later in the night and I fully cracked it. I mean, I pretty easy going, but don’t be a dick. Anyway so more time with Stevie, doing the ‘friends’ thing. It is actually working. We had a nice conversation in the kitchen, but I didn’t realise how long we were taking and the idiot mate was pissing off Clem to the extreme. He slept on my couch and I slept with Clem, who I call ‘the rock’ because she doesn’t move and it’s like I am sleeping with a heap of books down one side…which I love!!

Flash forward to a couple of days later and I start talking to shorty, another guy that I have written about before. He is saying it is about time for another dateeee, so I now I have a date for December 1st. Drinks and dinner…I told him that I am partaking in a hippy bet where there are no boys allowed. He bought it and wants me to lose. I ain’t losing…He wants to catch up next week. The challenge will be to put up with him trying to make me crack. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Kind of broke the soft drink rule yesterday and had some ginger ale with a shit load of rum. I needed it. I wish I was a mother fucking pirate



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