I was so productive this morning, I got so many things done that I had been putting off. Fast forward to this evening and I’m a total bitch. Yep, we are there, I don’t know if I need to sleep for 92235939394 hours or be thrown up against a wall in a fit of passion…hmmm maybe both. Either way I am ending the day with a massive Liz Lemon eye roll.



  1. Reading back through your blog, I found myself laughing and wondering what was wrong with you, but then I remembered that I, too, have had remarkably shameful moments of drunkedness/horniness. Don’t worry too much about abstaining from sex. I see you more as a abstaining from alcohol kinda gal. LOL.

    Just remember, no matter how bad you think it is- I pissed in a girl’s ass while she was smoking a cigarette through my bedroom window. I remember the pee dripping down into the air vent. It was shameful, but that’s what loads of whiskey can do.

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